Guest Article

Anne Hetherington:

I am a scientist, not a musician

Anne’s chosen track: Queen – These Are The Days Of Our Lives (Official Video)

John has asked me to write a piece on my musical ventures but I have to say that I am a scientist, not a musician. I have never had the urge to learn a musical instrument and I can’t sing for toffee (I was in the school choir for about 3 years but that is another story). However, I was briefly in the school band and I will tell you the tale.

I used to sit in assembly, tapping out the beat of a tune with my feet so the band leader called me to one side and asked me to become the percussion section of the band. He clamped a tambourine to a science lab post and my instrument was born. I struggled to transfer my innate sense of rhythm into the tedium of hammering out the beat on my makeshift drum. I did my best but sadly I didn’t drum consistently and I probably put off my fellow band members on several occasions.

I enjoyed the camaraderie of being in the band and the fun of being part of the rehearsal build-up but it wasn’t for me and I was quite relieved when they didn’t ask me to take part in the next production. When it comes to music, I am a listener rather than a performer!