You’ll Never Walk Alone

You’ll Never Walk Alone (Piano solo, arr. McGuinness)

Steph and David got married in May. It was rather romantic. They decided to “elope” to Gretna Green and have a peaceful and deeply intimate wedding at the famous “Smithie” . We were all so happy for them ❤️. I decided that I would record a wedding album for them to mark this lovely occasion. I wanted each track to convey something of meaning for the happy couple. This first track is the magnificent “You’ll Never Walk Alone”. I used a “notturno” style to enhance the song’s inherent romanticism. David is a Liverpool supporter but the words of the song mean something much deeper to both of them. It is not just a football anthem; it is their anthem, a statement of their undying love and support for each other. I hope you enjoy my solo piano arrangement of it. The photo below is a gift from Steph to David on their wedding day, created by herself.

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