Bird of Paradise

Bird of Paradise (photo: John McGuinness)

The “Bird of Paradise” is a remarkably dynamic flower that, viewed from a certain angle, resembles a flying bird. It originates from South Africa, where it is also nicknamed the “Crane Flower”. The Bird of Paradise has three bright orange petals and three blue petals which are fused together into a single bud.

Bird of Paradise, John McGuinness

This Bird of Paradise has become, for me, a powerful metaphor for loved ones who have died. Indeed, I dedicated my songs, “Bird of Paradise” to Michèle and “Birds of Paradise” to my parents. It is a great pleasure to me that they have become the two most streamed pieces of my music!

Birds of Paradise, John McGuinness

Recently, on a visit to Bath, Carol and I went to the Tivoli cinema. The bar and foyer of the cinema were full of “Bird of Paradise” flowers. It proved to be a lovely experience, the kind that sticks in one’s memory forever.

Music has always been a friend and constant companion to me. It speaks so freely and beautifully to the soul and connects me deeply to the people, places and events in the world around me.

To listen to music is a joy and to play it is like life itself. However, to create music, no matter how simple, is to be lost in a world where time and space cease to exist. Perhaps that is why I am so attracted to the image of the “Bird of Paradise”. It speaks of a world beyond where, like birds, we are able to fly freely.

Recently, I have written a little composition dedicated to all “Bird of Paradise” lovers. It is called, yep, you’ve guessed it – “Flower of Paradise”.

Flower of Paradise, John McGuinness

You can find “Bird of Paradise” on the album “Kissed by Light” and “ Birds of Paradise” on the album “Reflections”. “Flower of Paradise” is soon to be released. To listen to these on Spotify, click on the images below.

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