Spring Songs of 2021

I adore Spring. It brings with it a sense of renewal and optimism. I have written some spring songs this year that celebrate the sense of renewal and freshness brought into this troubled old world. In particular, these little melodies “speak”of the warmth of the early-year sun and the fresh breezes blowing from afar. As I cross the fields and walk on the banks of the mighty Trent, my spirit feels refreshed and my resolve strengthened. My zest for life returns as I watch the buds appear and the newborn lambs play in the fields.

It is interesting to compare my songs of Spring 2021 with those of 2020. They are lighter and happier and they seem to express a calmness and peace I am experiencing within. The Spring songs of last year are sadder and speak of sorrow at losing two old friends to covid-19. I am intrigued by the way in which the scenes of spring around me present themselves in different guises as if mirroring my internal world of thoughts and feelings. These in turn find expression in the mood and tone of my little “sound” poems.

The new set of spring songs can be found on Spotify, Apple, YouTube (and most popular channels) and include:

“And Then The Sun Came Out”. “Under The Warm Skies”. “As I Roved Out” (February-March 2021)

I have created a short playlist on “Spotify” which contains some of my spring songs, old and new. I hope you will find time to listen to some of them. If you like one or two of them, it would be lovely if you would “like” them and “follow”.

I do hope you enjoy them. Why not add them to your Spring playlist?